About us

In 2014 we created The School for Shy Men to provide a safe place to support shy men to find confidence through practical experience in sessions and getting real and valuable information from authentic women and help them improve their ability to be in relationship with women.

For many years prior to this, my husband James Swank and I have been supporting people in our Coaching Business called Deep Living. In this practice we support people to live with more honesty, courage, consciousness and self-responsibility in private sessions and groups, with the goal to lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

We were also very successful in supporting shy people to open up, become more self-confident and find the courage to connect with people and to have deep friendships and relationships, and enjoy their lives more. Many deep friendships and relationships have started through our Coaching work.

It makes us very happy to help people fulfill their longings and find what they are looking for in life and in relationship. 

 At the same time, around our Deep Living Coaching Practice, a community started to develop and many people who have studied the Deep Living Work also learned to support people very well, by going through their own processes and by participating in many groups that were about helping each other with their life issues.We created the School for Shy Men as a Community Business, to give the women a chance to share their caring, love, excitement and knowledge about relating and intimacy. We feel that we created a unique team of women, who are very accepting, loving, sensitive and open to support each man individually on their journey. 

We are happy to be a place for many men to experience their first touch or kiss with a woman and to have helped men to experience closeness and intimacy, sometimes for the first time, in their lives. It is our wish to help many more to find the same. 

Interestingly, though we originally started the school to support men to connect with women, women also started calling us for support in gaining confidence in their relationships. Of course, we are happy to work with them as well, so in 2018, we added …and Women too to our name.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Sarah Swank and the SfsM-Team

Strengthen your confidence through knowledge and experience