Schule für schüchterne Männer



Sarah is our co-founder and leader. She will also be your first contact with our school. Her bright spirit and infectious joy is coupled with her accepting and gentle nature. She will be your first mentor and help you create the course that will best suit your specific needs. Sessions with Sarah are both playful and deep as her exceptional insight can reveal the issues you need to address to achieve you goals.

Wanda is one of our most experienced teachers and mentors. Her openness, acceptance and availability for deep intimacy makes her sessions very effective in helping you learn to be comfortable being close with a woman. She can teach you how become more aware of both what is going on in you, and what is going on it the person you are with, which will help you approach women with more confidence, and create good long-term relationship.

Joy is our expert in sensuality and sexuality. She excels in sessions involving kissing and touch. She can teach you how to be more comfortable when things start becoming more intimate. She offers real experience, with guidance and support, showing you what to do, and when to do it, in a way that women will enjoy. Her warm nature and big smile will help you feel at ease trying new and exciting things.

Elisabeth’s loving and playful nature make her sessions fun and exciting. She specializes in teaching how to approach women naturally and with authenticity. She can teach you how to “break the ice”. With care and humor she will help you learn to identify which impulses to follow and which ones to avoid. She can teach you how to read and interpret the signals that women give, and how to respond to them in a way that will create openness and acceptance.

Bianca’s sessions focus on the social graces. Her wit, creativity, and sense of style make her sessions very effective in helping you become more attractive. She will focus both on how to treat women to make them feel at ease, and how to attract them in the first place. She can help you with your grooming, wardrobe, and style. She can help you make your home more comfortable for women visitors, and she is also our internet dating coach.

Susanna’s fun and playful nature makes her a great practice date. She was once very shy herself so she can empathize with you while supporting you and giving you the opportunity to practice the things you have learned in real life situations. She loves to flirt. Susanna also offers sensual massage sessions to help you become more comfortable receiving sensual touch.

Let us be your perfect big sister who shows you what to do
and practices it with you