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Custom Program

A course designed specifcally for you!


When you contact the School for Shy Men (SfSM) we will arrange an initial consultation with one of our female mentors. She will be your guide in your course of training with us.


In your initial session she will get to know you and you can get to know her. One goal of your training at the SfSM is to learn to be comfortable and confident around women. This process begins with your mentor.


Our mentors excel at listening. They will learn about you and the particular nature of your shyness. Our mentors are patient and accepting. You can take the time you need to find the courage to share your feelings. Our mentors are non-judgmental and nurturing. We are here to guide you through your process at whatever speed is comfortable for you and give you whatever level of support you need to confront your insecurities and fears.


After your initial session your mentor will meet with our assessment team and create a program course designed specifically to help you address your issues. This program will include meetings with your mentor, sessions with teachers to help you learn the confidence and relationship skills you need to learn, and meetings with guides who will give you real experience in interacting with women in real life situations.


Your program will be designed specifically for you. We will start with easy steps and give you all the time you need to get comfortable before you move to the next more challenging step. And all along the way your mentor will be available to listen to you, support you, and nourish you until you are ready to proceed with your next challenge.


We at SfSM are dedicated to helping you find the attractive, easy going, and confident man that is hidden underneath all of your insecurities and fears. Let us help you bring him out so he can easily meet women, enjoy deep intimate contact, and become the kind of man that women love.


The initial consultation is at the introductory price of 50€.






A Woman’s Touch


The School for Shy Men (SfsM) is happy to announce the availability of a new service we call “A Woman’s Touch.” We have found that some men could use help in how they dress, groom themselves, and decorate their homes so they are more attractive to women and we have created this offer to serve that need.


Of course we support men with styling and grooming suggestion in our single sessions, but “A Woman’s Touch” is a more comprehensive service where a woman from our team will come to your home and give you help and suggestions on how you can make your grooming and wardrobe more attractive to women, and how to make your house more comfortable and female friendly. Many women have had the experience of going in to a single man’s home and feeling uncomfortable and turned off. Here is an opportunity to get help making your house into a place your female friends will feel welcome and comfortable.


Not only will we make suggestions, but if you desire, we will also help you create a beautiful home and wardrobe by accompanying you while shopping and working with you around your house to create a lifestyle that is female friendly. At the SfsM we want to help you, not only learn to meet and connect with women, but also help you learn the things you need to learn to have a long-term rewarding relationship.


Cost for this service is 100€ for the first hour and 50€ for each additional hour. These prices include reasonable travel in the Berlin area. There may be additional costs for further travel and special requests, but all charges will be quoted in advance.






Finding your Male Voice with Franziska












Your voice plays a significant role in how attractive you appear to others. It is an expression of your inner condition. It can reveal insecurity, but also strength and self-confidence. Helping you find your strength and self-confidence is the mission of the School for Shy Men and finding your authentic voice an important part of the process. An authentic male voice is very sexy!


Our experience shows, that many men don’t use the full potential of their voice. They speak in a way that expresses their fear, restraint and acquired behavioral patterns instead of their needs, desires, and deeper feelings.


Our voice specialist, Franziska, will work with you personally in a series of private sessions to help you identify and let go of these patterns, and find the authentic voice that is a true expression of the deeper man inside you.


A session with Franzika lasts 50 minutes and costs 80€






Group Courses


In addition to our single sessions, we occasionally offer Open Evenings and group courses to give prospective students the opportunity to get to know us and experience what we have to offer. Here are some of the group courses we have made available. If you are interested in our group course please check our schedule page for the next availability.




Body Acceptance


Self-acceptance is the key to confidence and confidence is one of the things women find most attractive in men. In this group we will focus on your relationship to your body. Both how you see yourself and how others perceive you. You will have the opportunity to show yourself and receive feedback. You will receive guidance on how to show your best traits and how changing your thoughts and attitudes will change how you are perceived. Wanda and Sarah lead this group in a caring, nurturing, and light way to help this challenging subject become a life changing experience for the participants.






There are some kisses, with which you could melt away, and you hope that they will never end, and there are some kisses, where you just want to run away. Kisses can be so different.

In this course we want to answer the question, what makes a good kiss a good kiss? We will approach the answer of this question by creating an intimate and safe atmosphere where we will explore the theory of a good kiss and also give you the opportunity to have practical experience experimenting with the theories.

Sarah, Wanda, Jane and Sandra will lead this group and be your partners for practicing different kisses, giving you feedback and useful tips, guiding you to become a better and more confident kisser.




Sex Talk


Many of us are challenged to talk openly and honestly about sex. These groups are an opportunity to practice sharing sexual experiences, desires, and fantasies. Each session will be hosted by two SfsM team members. You will be able to get feedback on both what you say and how you say it. The women will also share their experiences and be available to answer any questions you would like to ask about how they feel about sex. No subject is taboo.




Touching Women


Learn how to touch a woman in a way that will make her want you to touch her more. This course includes how to approach a woman so she is open for your touch and how to touch her in a way that both relaxes and excites her.




Breaking the Ice


The first contact and the first impression a woman gets from you is the basis of everything that follows in the relationship. In this course you can learn how to make the first contact an exciting and fun experience for both the woman and yourself. You will have the opportunity to practice with several different women and will get honest and supportive feedback.



From Shy Man to Confident Man


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