School for Shy Men

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Sarah Swank – Founder and Mentor

Wanda More – Mentor

The School for Shy Men is run by understanding women who will patiently teach you to become the kind of man that women love.

At the School for Shy Men you can learn:

– to be attractive to most women

– to be comfortable and confident around women

– how to talk with women

– to let women know what you want

– to know what women want

– to know how women like to be touched

– how women like to be kissed

– how women like to be loved

At the School for Shy Men (SfSM) you will have real experiences with real women who will teach you what women want and how they like to be treated.


You will learn what to do and what not to do, while being able to ask questions when you are unsure and get sensitive and honest feedback about how women feel about you.


We will teach you to gain confidence through learning to accept all parts of yourself and accentuate the ones women find the most attractive.


Unlike programs where men teach you how to manipulate women and get them to say “Yes” to you for the evening, at SfSM you can learn how to be the kind of man that women want for long-term intimate relationships. At SfSM we will mentor you and guide you to find the kind of relationship you have always wanted.


At our school women are also welcome to learn how to gain confidence, empowerment and the skills for fulfilling intimate relationships.

From Shy Man to Confident Man


School for Shy Men • Forstweg 28, 13465 Berlin, Germany • Tel. +49 (0)30 40 9999 30 • email: info@sfsm.de