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In addition to our single sessions, which we find the most effective way to take advantage of our services, we occasionally offer Open Evenings, Events and Group Courses to give prospective students the opportunity to get to know us and experience what we have to offer. Here are our current offers:

Open Evening: Find the Animal in You 
on Friday, March 27

An open evening to exploring sexual energy

Do you ever feel confused, helpless, dissatisfied or empty during, or after, being sexual? It’s common that we have ideas about how sexuality should be and these ideas keep us from getting the sexuality that we really want. Most of us have learned ways of being sexual that are not in line the true expression of our deep sexuality. There is a wild sexual animal inside of you yearning
to be set free.

In this evening we will go on a sensual journey together. We will provide a safe and intimate space for you to explore your sexual energy. Using the metaphor of the animal we will create a field of permission for you to allow and show aspects of yourself you usually hide. Working with your mind and your body, we will explore your sexual depths and support you to allow the parts of your lust and your love that you are not accepting and experience the healing and transformation that comes from setting these parts of ourselves free.

Live the wild and free being
you truly are!

Place: Forstweg 28, 13465 Berlin
Time: 7:30-9pm
Cost: 30€

This evening is an introduction to the work of our teacher Bianca Müller and will give you a taste of what sessions
with Bianca are like.

Theme Evening: Breasts 
on Friday, April 5

Learn more about how to be with breasts!

Breasts are attractive and can evoke many feelings. Some might feel a longing to be nurtured and held. Others feel desire and sexual energy. Frequently, through what happened in childhood or through cultural conditioning, we don’t allow the authentic feelings we have towards breasts. This can leave us feeling insecure, intimidated, and not knowing what to do when we are in contact with women.

In this group you have a chance to learn more about how you can enjoy breasts, play with finding your authentic impulses toward them and come into a more confident and natural relationship to them. We offer a safe space to playfully and slowly explore and have fun!

Forstweg 28, 13465 Berlin
from 7:30-9 pm
Cost: 50€

Theme Evening: Becoming a Good Lover
with Wanda & Joy 
on Friday, Wednesday, April 10

Learn about the secrets of how to be a good lover!

Being a good lover requires information and experience. Knowing how, when and where to touch a woman, the right things to say and when to say them, and knowing the things not to say or do that will kill the mood.

At this theme evening you will have opportunities to practice and gain experience. Wanda and Joy, two experienced and lustful women, will assist you with sensitive guidance and openness for physical experimentation and support you to create and live a more confident sexuality.

They will help you get in touch with your sexual impulses, which is the secret to being a truly exceptional lover.

Come and be part of this exciting evening class!

Wanda and Joy teach this course in depth in private sessions.

Cost: 50€.

Place: Karmeliterweg 57, 13465 Berlin

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